Captivate your clients,
boost your sales forces !

Salesapps is adapted to your team and your needs

  • Salesapps
    • 20 £ *
    • (per user)

      minimum 20 users, annual billing


      Your sales teams are

      boosted !


      The Sales enablement for all:


      • – Fully functional multilingual application on/off-line
        – Automatic or manual update
        – Documentary database
        – Building and customizing presentations
        – Instant search, favorites
        – Structured information feedback and field suggestions
        – News, unlimited push notifications
        – Personal space: import of personal documents, contact form
        – Back Office with user management and usage statistics

          Unlimited server space

  • + Training
    • 25 £ *
    • (per user)

      minimum 20 users, annual billing


      Your sales team are

      transformed !


      Extend the power of the Sales Enablement:


        All Salesapps features with :


      •  – Insertion of fully editable pages in your presentations
        – Training material per presentation:
        your popups teach you the right speech by slide
        – Knowledge test quiz and surveys
        – Boost your quizzes with rankings
        – Contest games Question/Answer
        – Editing training courses and quizzes very easily from the Back Office

         Unlimited server space

* Tax and vat excluded

Setup fees of £1,000 for the first platform plus £500 per additional platform (iOS, Android or Windows). This includes:

            • Telephone assistance in the development of your file tree structure
            • Telephone support throughout the construction of your application
            • Telephone training of your administrator in the use of the back office

Our answers to your usual questions

Can I order it for 1 month ?

No, for Salesapps you need to commit to annually.

Can I test Salesapps ?

Absolutely ! Sign up here to download the Salesapps test version

Is it possible to have more than 50 users for my application?

Yes, of course. Salesapps can be used by a sales force of 5 to more than 2,000 sales representatives on the same application. Contact us by filling in the Contact form.

Can I change the offer ?

Of course ! You can move up to the superior Salesapps or increase the number of licences as you wish, totally independently.

Once set up, am I fully free to make my application go live ?

The power of Salesapps is that you are perfectly free to make your offers go live. The back office is so intuitive that your teams will have an extremely short adaptation time to update, publish and develop your content. In any case, telephone support guarantees you ongoing support.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any other questions you may have.