Sales rep training : what can you do with a Sales Enablement tool ?

Sales rep training : what can you do with a Sales Enablement tool ?

When you think about a tablet-based Mobile Sales Enablement tool, your first thought goes to selling features that make for more effective sales calls, captivating and engaging demonstration platforms or perhaps channels for reporting sales data or statistics. But if there is one essential function that is not always naturally associated with a tablet-based selling tool, it’s everything you can do with training. Tablets are an excellent selling tool, but they are also an ultra-effective training aid.


A true, effective Mobile Sales Enablement tool can do a lot for you, as shown demonstrated here.


Fun, interactive and intuitive training


Because we learn better when we immediately put our training into practice, incorporating training modules into a Mobile Sales Enablement tool delivers a decisive advantage for sales teams. In the very same application that your team uses every day, you include well designed training aids to maximize the transfer of knowledge. It’s all about active learning with an interactive approach reinforced by audio or video modules with instant feedback. This is a great approach to find out in real time how to improve performance and which levers to work on.


Because the training is intuitive and can be accessed in two taps on a tablet, it becomes an integral part of your sales staff’s daily work flow within an interface they know inside and out.


Training without bounds


The training modules, just like the platform as a whole, are fully customizable. There are no limits to the number of trainings or the way in which they are organized. You can build as many training blocks as you have products and as many levels of training as you like. Because a sales manager will not have the same responsibilities as a junior sales rep, their knowledge transfer modules should be adapted to the professional problems they face. Your teams will learn continuously, throughout the year, based on their needs and will build their skills over the course of their career.


In addition, your training modules are designed to respond to the varying learning paces of your sales force. With a personalized approach arranged into small modules that are easy to understand, your training program is no longer a constraint for your team: on the contrary, it is the natural extension of their regular management and working tools.


Training available on demand


Because it is not always easy to get an Internet connection on the train, in public transit, in out-of-the-way locations or even in some foreign countries, all your information can be viewed in online or offline mode, with access to the information available the last time you synced your tablet.


Therefore, it is always possible to complete training, regardless of your staff’s working conditions at any given time. This is especially convenient for reviewing the pitch that goes with different presentations, just before you use them. Quizzes, training materials and videos are stored locally so that your sales reps can advance at their own pace any time. There are no more excuses and the process could not be more comfortable !


Training can be measured and managed


Acquiring new knowledge, new techniques or new processes is one thing. But you still have to make sure that the training is effective.


Using quizzes designed and organized within a predefined learning framework that can be updated in real time, it is easy to measure and validate knowledge acquisition. Learners know precisely where they are in their curriculum and regularly adapt their skills.


From a management perspective, you can use shared statistics to adjust your training plan. You see who completes the training modules, which questions or sections have been finished by user profile and you can detect any anomalies or potential biases. Data is shared to enhance the strategies of your training, human resources or talent management departments. While Mobile Sales Enablement favors the continuous improvement of your sales representatives, it also assists them in gaining new skills and knowledge.


Training, competitions and a touch of gamification


Training can also be a source of intramural motivation. Each sales rep can do individual assessments, but they can also take part in quizzes and team challenges. This feature lets managers boost motivation, as well as cultivate excellence and personal achievement. In the field, a sales rep is always being challenged by customers, competitors and prospects. They must be resilient. It is a necessary state of mind and attribute for those who want to succeed in this business. By introducing the elements of challenge and gamification into training with a ranking system that recognizes the best, you will galvanize your staff.


Training is a sales rep’s best ally


It provides support via the same platform they are already using for their daily duties. There are no third-party platforms: everything is centralized in the same place to guarantee superior performance. The approach is simplified and content is adapted to the actual problems faced on the ground: from product lines to selling techniques, each training course is designed to address specific needs to help your teams improve faster and more effectively. It is the ultimate all-in-one tool designed for and by its users.


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