iOS 11 : the new features will change the way your sales staff use their iPad

iOS 11 : the new features will change the way your sales staff use their iPad

Tablets are your sales staff best ally on the field. Handy, powerful, connected and easy to transport, they have been progressively becoming an indispensable work tool. Beyond the physical and technical characteristics of a tablet, what makes the difference is what’s inside the machine: its operations system (OS). Certain OS have native features more advanced than others or place more emphasis on their simplicity or design, as is the case with Apple iOS.

If Apple had already come closer to professional uses with the iPad Pro, the release of the next iOS 11 marks an inflection towards the professionalization of the iPad. We’ll focus a bit on the next features that will produce some excitement among your team.


A new application to manage your files

It’s a big step forward that many were waiting for. File management on tablets is far from ideal. It was common to have documents scattered throughout different applications in different formats and versions that couldn’t communicate with each other. Sometimes we must email them to ourselves to transfer then and use them in other applications. Fortunately, iOS 11 is moving beyond this with the arrival of the application “Files” that is the equivalent of Finder on macOS or explorer on Windows PC.

It’s a unique application that centralizes data from all services and applications installed on your tablet. PDF, Microsoft Word, Notes, Google Docs… everything can be found in the same place and can connect to the large online services like iCloud, of course, but also Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. Suddenly it becomes quite simple to share and use your own documents on your iPad.


Scan, sign and send your document in no time

With iOS 11, it’s possible to scan a document with the camera on your tablet that identifies the format and optimizes the final result. OK, this type of function already exists in certain applications. But integrating it into the OS and the global file system lets you use the result of your scans in any of your favorite applications. A true time saver to store your paper documents. But that’s not all, since you can also sign this document (an order form or a quotation for example) or make hand written notes (for a brochure or a PDF document) before emailing it or uploading it on the cloud.

These features will be optimal thanks to Apple Pencil, the pen sold separately compatible with iPad Pro, but you can also just use your finger. In less than a minute with professional quality, you can thus write on any electronic or paper document.

It saves you time to better concentrate on important tasks.


Augmented reality: your sales meetings will take on a whole new dimension

With the launch of its augmented reality kit, Apple commits to a new path that could revolutionize the B2B commercial approach. Announcing processors dedicated and optimized for augmented reality on the new iPhone 8 and X affirming yet again Apple’s direction (keynote 12/09). Many brands have already committed to this strategy and the coming months will be very telling. Imagine instead of presenting a video or showing an image on your iPad, that you can visualize a concept in augmented reality directly on your conference table, turn around, zoom approaching the virtual object,…feel it with your eyes. The possibilities are almost endless and they mark true progress towards the valorization of your products. You can see what the product looks like, a production chain or visualize a service thanks to powerful storytelling. An immersive and interactive process in real time that transforms the use of the tablet and your meetings.


drag and drop feature to do multitasking easily

With iOS 11, your iPad becomes almost a tactile Mac. The applications work together and interact side by side.

A business can work on their commercial proposal or take notes without quitting your Mobile Sales Enablement application. In a meeting with a client, he can quickly and easily exit the application to present a website or look for specific information.

You can also pick out an email from your contacts or your inbox to do a follow up with a client, or scan and write on a visiting card or an order form.

Simple, efficient and adapted to our on-the-field needs.


A bigger dock and with better storage

The dock is a bar present at the bottom of your screen that generally regroups the applications on your iPad that you use the most. With iOS 11, the dock evolves and comes closer to the current design on Macs. It’ll be bigger containing up to 15 applications, according to the size of your screen available for swiping. It should be noted that there’s also a separator on the right part of the dock that isolates three applications especially used and being used on your iPad or Mac (Salesapp… ! 😉 ). In the end, the new dock is more roomy, more customizable and will contain all your professional applications, avoiding the frustration of having to search in which folder or screen they happen to be.


Like with each new version, iOS brings changes that will save users time while creating welcome new features. This time, iOS 11 goes further with the iPad by transforming it into a powerful work station optimizing your work and helping you save time.


Mark your iPad calendar, September 19!

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