Mobile Sales Enablement : 5 reasons to demand a tailor-made application

Mobile Sales Enablement : 5 reasons to demand a tailor-made application

The Mobile Sales Enablement app you choose has to meet many criteria in terms of uses and scalability. There are many non-negotiable requirements you should consider, including customization and adaptation to your needs. Each company is unique in its organization, selling processes and the tools it uses. There cannot be a single application that works for everyone. On the contrary, your app has to reflect what makes you different – what sets you apart. No one would buy clothes if they only came in “one size fits all”. The same goes for your application, so go beyond ready-to-wear and insist on tailor-made !


1. Your made-to-order digital showroom


Tablets are much more than a display device. They are a priority communication channel that runs your sales-boosting application. By customizing your app with your colors, choosing your own start-up icon and creating a unique design and user experience, you are building an environment that represents you. It should be dynamic and engaging.
Your digital showroom is like the storefront of your company. Everything needs to be clear, perfectly organized and carefully thought out with a useful, attractive and pragmatic design. The way you display each part of the app should be adapted to the content. Personalizing your application in this way is a real made-to-order service that needs to line up with your customers’ needs on the one hand and your company’s values on the other.
Your application should also be scalable so that it continues to reflect and represent your brand. Therefore, customization should be as easy as possible in terms of both style and substance.


2. Precision mechanics to facilitate use


True custom work is easy to identify because it offers the ability to personalize an application in every category, for all features and for all users, from the front office (what the customer sees) to the back office (application administration and management). The back office is the central nervous system of your Mobile Sales Enablement app. It is what ensures that the information is properly conveyed, compiled, updated and shared. The back office must be in sync with your production flow so that the application works well in the field for document publication, data retrieval, updates, communication, sharing and so on. The logical links between materials are well defined and your document repository is designed to integrate into your existing flows, including portfolio effects, complementary products and color sheets, not to mention the ability to instantly add multimedia elements like illustrations, images and videos.


3. Intuitive learning thanks to a customized product


Your sales representatives will quickly learn how to use a well-thought-out application. Not everyone has the same grasp of high-tech tools, especially if they are not part of the digital native generation. This is why your sales application needs to be intuitive, easy to use and truly effective: it should only contain what you need. Every functional feature is useful and relevant because it was designed just for you. Customized solutions are not gadgets; they are a necessity to facilitate a fast, effective roll-out.


4. Customized usage profiles


The users of your sales app will not all use it in the same way. This means a good application must distinguish between different user groups and segment profiles based on the company’s needs.


Because the role of a sales rep is protean, living and changing, your application should be as well. Sales directors, distributors, key account managers and junior sales reps do not have the same needs or the same professional duties, which means they will not use the app in the same way. The same applies to the geographic distribution of your sales force. Your teams may be organized by region, area or country, for example. Thus, it is crucial that the information be well organized so that it is only accessible to certain user groups according to needs. A custom-made application will ensure that your sales reps don’t waste time navigating through pointless functions.


5. A tailor-made app that is scalable and flexible


Whether it’s for a direct or indirect sales operation, personalizing your app lets you keep only the features that are truly useful to you and your staff. The same application has the same base, but very different finishing touches, which include specific functions such as a sales quote generator, a 3D product presentation or a direct link to your sales data.
It is extremely easy to refine the features of your app that are important for your needs, so you are in control of how your tool evolves in the future. In this context, you are not just a customer who bought a bespoke suit. You are also the tailor who anticipates trends and changes in style. The statistics about how your custom-made app is used will show you the parts of your application that are used the most or least. These statistics will show you the right ways to update your app to gradually adapt the tool so that it meets your needs perfectly.


There are many tablet-based sales apps and sometimes it is hard to know which one will be the best or the most appropriate. Keep in mind that your needs will change and your app needs to grow with you. Therefore, a custom solution should be your top priority. After all, your application should adapt to you, and not the opposite.


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