How can you coordinate indirect sales and improve effectiveness using Mobile Sales Enablement?

How can you coordinate indirect sales and improve effectiveness using Mobile Sales Enablement?

B2B companies often must rely on resellers or partners to promote and sell a range of products or services. However, mastering the indirect sales channel can sometimes prove complex when you are dealing with sales references, selling points and familiarity with the array of products and services. You need effective, relevant methods for managing this channel to ensure the consistency of values, objectives and sales strategies. That takes time and lots of energy. This is why Mobile Sales Enablement will help you improve how you work.


Proper training and support for your distributors


A third-party distributor does not sell only your products. They may offer products from your competitors or different products. Therefore, it is crucial that you ensure they understand and know how to showcase your products without having to scramble for information about them. Whenever your distributors need to do research to sell better, there is a risk that the information will get scattered. They may give up, slack off or not to take the time to prepare. Therefore, the challenge is to help them become thoroughly acquainted with your range. We are better at selling what we like, what we believe in and what we know. Working from that observation, you must implement strategies that incorporate training, documentation and assistance using a Mobile Sales Enablement tool.
This will enable you to emphasize your essential characteristics and competitive advantages to encourage your partner to highlight your offerings and create a win-win relationship with your indirect sales force.


Perceived image: a human factor that must be managed


Motivating resellers requires a true strategy that goes beyond financial incentives. If they believe in your product, have confidence in your brand and are comfortable with your sales representatives, these advantages can make all the difference.
A tablet-based sales application is a tool that can tip the scales in your favor. You are perceived as more innovative, more dynamic, more modern and more likely to produce a high-quality offer. Your Mobile Sales Enablement solution will allow you to build a real, lasting relationship with your partners. Emotional intelligence, human contact and the impact of a mobile tool that makes the distributor’s job easier are factors you can leverage to work effectively.


A continuous improvement process


A distributor network is a boon for reporting concrete, relevant information from the field. All this information can be used by your sales force or your marketing department to fine-tune your offer, sales arguments or approach. This ongoing feedback helps you understand and listen to your customers even if you are not on the front lines. It is a useful method in terms of substance (functional features, product or service advantages) and style (adaptation of selling aids, data updates and exchanges of qualitative and quantitative information).
When you have access to sales information about the end customer (i.e. your distributor’s customers) through statistics and data you can view in real time, you can optimize your strategy and share high value added data that will be analyzed by your marketing team. These data are like Google Analytics for sales personnel, who experience preferred access to the field through their distributors. This information is full of insights to calibrate your sales strategy and will be reported back to you thanks to a tool used by your team at all times. Ultimately, this amounts to noticeable time savings and productivity gains for you and your team.


Creating a unique bond with your distributors also entails regular communication with your company. It is important not to overlook this relationship-building component, so consider invitations to events, product tests, sneak previews, formal and informal communications about what’s new and upcoming innovations, human outreach and push notifications. Coordinating indirect sales and improving their effectiveness is a recurring effort that is key to good performance. This task can be made easier and optimized thanks to Mobile Sales Enablement.


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