What should you demand from a tablet-based app for your sales rep ?

What should you demand from a tablet-based app for your sales rep ?

Sometimes the prospect of choosing a mobile application to support your sales reps and boost sales leaves IT, marketing or sales managers perplexed. There are many competing offers and it is hard to know which to select without testing them in the field. And yet, there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind that can make it easier to precisely define your needs and choose the perfect application that will quickly become your team’s biggest ally. So what exactly should you expect from your mobile application ?


It must spark enthusiasm


The number one requirement of your tablet app is that it make selling easier. To get buyers and salespeople to love it, the app has to meet the needs of the customer by providing fast answers within a thoughtful, appealing interface. This is where we focus on the entire sales experience process to pique the customer’s interest and include them in a dynamic, engaging approach.


It is quick and easy to prepare compelling, interactive presentations. The graphic decision tree emphasizes the user experience with tiles, carrousels, thumbnails and visuals that immerse your customer in a world designed specifically for them, while a smooth system for managing favorites lets you home in on what you want to present.


Direct access to information via touch navigation gives your customers time to take ownership of the tool. Rather than being spectators, they naturally become implicated in the sales process. The tablet transcends the act of purchasing and sparks enthusiasm in the people involved. The cross-selling features make people want to participate and open a door to a new world. Meanwhile, the instant sharing of information facilitates communication.


It must be reassuring


The tablet-based mobile app ensures constant alignment between your image and the materials you present. Everything is always consistent, logical and well designed. The tool is perfectly suited to your image, from how the content is organized to the overall design and even the home screen icon. At the same time, it is scalable so that it can keep pace with the product line, which you can diversify or expand without having to overhaul your application.


It also enables you to become perfectly acquainted with the sales messages through knowledge verifications and training modules to support your staff. By staying in touch with reps in the field, you are helping improve their use of the tool and promoting a Lean approach that is easier to manage.


Using a mobile app to maintain control of your sales process and your business approach is a key success factor in customer engagement and the purchase transaction. Therefore, you must be certain that your tablet-based application enables you to manage your offer and that the quality and consistency of the information it contains reassure your customer.


It must be reliable


Your tablet should have a variety of uses so that it can adapt to you, and not the opposite. You must be able to count on it at all times. You are certain that the materials you are using are up to date and you don’t have to worry about network access or dependency on an Internet connection, which can fail without notice. Whether you are online or offline, nothing can slow down your work. You can find a document or information instantly, no matter what keyword you use. Your sales application has got you covered under any circumstances, including dead time (conferences, transit time, down time between meetings), when users can access training modules that help them keep growing to fine-tune their selling skills.


It must notify you and keep you informed


Choosing the right mobile application for your sales reps should account for production flows to simplify the reporting of information. Whether it comes from the field, the corporate office or the marketing department, your tablet becomes an epicenter for data convergence. You know that the right people are included in information sharing, regardless of whether it is flowing upstream, downstream or laterally. Good internal communication will always be a huge asset in the field, especially for people who are far from the decision-making centers. You stay informed about sales news and what is happening with your company and, thanks to notifications, you can be certain that you are not missing any information.


Because a mobile app for tablets is going to change how you work, you have to be sure that it will accelerate, simplify and optimize your processes, data exchanges and information to become more effective. This app will give your sales force the best tools, which is yet another reason to be demanding when you decide to go for it.


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