5 tips to better selling with a tablet

5 tips to better selling with a tablet

The sales pitch is a crucial part of the relationship between a sales rep and a customer. It’s that moment when you sense that your demonstration is hitting home, that you have understood the customer’s expressed or hidden needs and that the whole decision-making chain is about to rule in your favor. To get to this stage, you have a full arsenal of tools: flyers, brochures, leaflets, a website or a PowerPoint presentation. Still, you could benefit from using a tablet as a sales tool to become even more effective. If you are still not convinced, check out these five tips for better selling with a tablet and leave your bulky paper documentation behind at the office.


1. Establish an empathetic, inclusive relationship


Sometimes there is an irrational side to sales. The agreement reached by the buyer and seller is not dictated solely by the intrinsic quality of a product or service. There is a certain amount of interpersonal connection, empathy and emotional intelligence. The sales rep has to help cultivate this special mood. Using a tablet can foster this ambiance because it makes for smooth, flexible and fun interactions, all of which draws the two parties into a bubble to serve the sales transaction. It projects a quality image and your brand comes across as innovative, well organized and soundly structured. This conscious and unconscious effort changes the rules of the game by emphasizing the experience. When you focus on inclusiveness, or even encourage the buyer to use your tablet to watch a demo or browse a document, half the work is already done. It is a form of active learning: you are no longer presenting, but rather prompting participation.


2. Answer any question instantly


No more searching for a document buried deep in your hard drive. You have direct access to information. Everything is available all the time, at your fingertips and always up to date. The sales rep can answer any question and use all their tools and documents without hesitation. These are the hallmarks of a serious professional and are also helpful for proposing tailor-made offers that are truly adapted to the customer’s needs.


Whether you are working in online or offline mode, information searches are instantaneous and exhaustive. No loading time means no wasted time: the script is organized into a thoughtful flow to address any questions or concerns that may arise.


3. Personalize your sales technique


If your application is already customized to feature your brand’s colors and style, you can personalize your selling tools in the same way. Build your own presentations in a few minutes with existing templates so you can structure a selling path adapted to your customer’s needs and in line with a pre-defined discourse and demonstration.


Personalizing your sales technique requires exhaustive knowledge of the data available. All customer information is centralized in the tool (order history, customer call notes, statistics and quantified data), so you can work with optimal efficiency based on profiles and objectives. You will never be caught off guard, but – more importantly – your technique will be more effective and better prepared with a direct, tangible impact on your sales figures.


4. Share your presentations instantly


Gone are the days when you had to go back to the office to edit your offer and your presentations, or ask your assistant to do it only to come back a few days later to follow up with the customer and discover they have already moved on to the next thing.


You have to strike while the iron is hot, as the saying goes.


When you immediately send your customer the custom presentation you used, you are making the process fast and responsive. The customer can share the information and refer to it for further reflection after you leave. Furthermore, an integrated tracking tool lets you know when your customer reads the message, which is crucial information when customizing your approach.


5. Stay on top with interactive continuing education


Being a good salesperson also means participating regularly in training to be more effective. Whether it’s for a new product, a new process or a new sales method, it is important that you always stay up to speed on technical, human and interpersonal developments.


With their interactivity, ease of use and built-in features, tablets make it possible to train anytime at the pace selected by your team. Provide concrete, continuous training that is truly adapted to realities on the ground.


Tablets are not just a sales tool. They are a comprehensive toolbox for sales reps to help them sell better, get training and communicate with their team, the central office or the marketing department, while also storing data and selling tools. This all-in-one kit digitalizes your sales force and will profoundly transform your organization to make it more competitive.


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