How can you use a Mobile Sales Enablement tool to train your sales reps ?

How can you use a Mobile Sales Enablement tool to train your sales reps ?

If you seek better intelligence about products, the market or competitors, want to improve your skills, sell more effectively or hone your practices, training is the best tool available to sales professionals. In an increasingly connected and shifting landscape, best practices are changing quickly in different business sectors. Being an effective salesperson at all times requires basic knowledge, a generous dose of emotional intelligence and, most of all, appropriate training tools. Are you ready to train your sales reps with a Mobile Sales Enablement tool ?


The importance of training sales reps


The role of the salesperson is complex and critical to businesses. Sales reps must be perfectly acquainted with the sales offer and it is not always easy to share training aids and techniques when your team is dispersed over a large area.


The notion of availability, which is central to this function, presents major challenges. How can you convene at the same place at the same time a whole team of sales reps who work in the field and who have limited availability, different schedules and the constraints that arise from the nature of their jobs? It is usually very complicated, if not impossible, especially since the salesperson’s profession has changed significantly, as have customer expectations. The digital revolution under way has transformed how we do things and the Sales Rep 2.0 must know how to use their tools, work effectively and follow up with customers, whether remotely or in person.


Digitalized, fragmented and connected: sales forces have to sell better and rise to the challenge of contributing to the economic success of their companies while also assisting non-mobile personnel, such as the marketing team, by providing them with high value-added information from the field.


Businesses, therefore, should view these constraints as opportunities to transform them into tangible results.


What your Mobile Sales Enablement application will change


On-demand training is a highly effective tool for your employees. They can train when they want, where they want and for as long as they need. After all, for training to be effective, it has to happen at the right time and under the right conditions. Depending on the physical and mental availability of sales reps, tablet-based training integrated in a Mobile Sales Enablement tool is a winning strategy.


With built-in quizzes to check knowledge acquisition, you can verify and identify shortcomings and points needing improvement to build a long-term training plan that meets the needs of learners.


By personalizing training aids, you can go into detail and impart knowledge that is hard to convey over a single day in a training room. You can even develop training for a given product or service. This granular management guarantees the tangible success of training modules that can be directly applied in the field on the same day. This is especially true since notifications and the user experience give you the power to build an advanced instructional design that will revitalize the use of training materials.


Indeed, studies have shown that we remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see and 90% of what we do. So what could be better than directly implementing a training concept within a few hours of having learned it ?


Train your indirect sales network


While training has a direct, concrete impact on your sales forces, it also affects the effectiveness of your resellers. Developing a Mobile Sales Enablement application that can also be accessed by your distributors allows you to support their sales efforts and train them. They will then be better equipped to promote and sell your products. This is especially true when you launch a new product because the whole process is aligned with your deployment strategy: training aids, official launch, media, etc.


Thus using a Mobile Sales Enablement tool for your distributors is a powerful selling tool, in terms of image and prestige, as well as in terms of direct operational use.


Training your indirect sales network helps establish a relationship of trust that will encourage your distributors to share information from the field. This is precious feedback to improve your selling tools, better understand the needs of your resellers and clients and get a sense of how your products are used.


A Mobile Sales Enablement application goes well beyond training; it enables you to create and profoundly structure the connections between the products that comprise your line. This amounts to cross-selling with a multiplier effect to train your direct and indirect sales teams to enhance their knowledge of your market.


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