5 reasons to digitalize your sales materials

5 reasons to digitalize your sales materials

Sales documents are an indispensable tool for many sales reps. These materials are thoughtfully designed by one or several marketing teams and deployed in the field by your sales force. However, while traditional catalogues and brochures loom large in the commonly held vision of sales calls, they are slowly being supplanted by digital tools that are easier to transport and more convenient. While this shift has not yet left paper completely behind, it opens new perspectives in customer relations and could quite possibly revolutionize your approach.


1. Transform your sales calls


Hard copies of selling tools create distance between the customer and the salesperson. The sales rep sets the pace, turning the pages or showing what they want to show in a demonstration that is often a one-way interaction, where the customer’s passivity can lead to boredom and frustration.


Introducing a tablet creates a whole new selling experience. It is more inclusive, more participatory and more engaging thanks to a dedicated app. To allow the magic to happen, the application must be tailored to the specific kind of demonstration to involve the customer in the relationship. Customers can touch the tablet, swipe between photos and other visuals, make the tool their own, choose what they want to see and define their own sales path with the salesperson as their guide.


Your sales tools are digitalized via a Mobile Sales Enablement app that is much more than a digital display. Indeed, it supports the sales rep’s pitch by adapting what is displayed to the needs expressed by the customer over the course of a conversation. It makes it easier to discover related products, which facilitates cross-selling across the entire range on offer. Far from being a linear catalogue with basic content, your application showcases your strengths to target what really interests your customer.


This major paradigm shift is redefining boundaries and guarantees more personal engagement from the customer, who plays an active role in this new sales experience.


2. Always be up to date


When you handle catalogues, brochures, technical data sheets or any other paper sales materials, it is easy to get lost or to drown the customer in a deluge of occasionally counter-productive information. With a custom-made application, you can use a digital approach to prevent hesitation, wavering and searching. All the documents you need are always at your fingertips, with or without an Internet connection. With two clicks or taps, your tablet becomes an extension of your sales argument and delivers real, tangible proof that is immediately applicable. The materials are easily updated and the enhanced publication cycle means their style and substance can be improved continuously. On your end, you will always have the most up-to-date version – at all times. Which is perfect to guarantee you don’t miss any sales !


3. Double down on interactive exchanges


Use videos, 3D demonstrations, 360-degree photos or films, high-impact visuals and more to convert your materials into digital versions and enter a new world of communication opportunities to illustrate your messages with even more impact.


Customers can handle the tablet themselves, but the tablet also introduces them to a new dimension in which it is easier to see abstract or complex technical concepts. This means your products and services are optimally showcased and the interactivity delivers strong, differentiating value added during your presentation.


4. Be more effective


One click is all it takes to share your digital documents with your customer, your colleagues, your assistant or any other support service. Information moves smoothly and the work flow is completely natural and organized. You can write a summary of your sales call in a few minutes directly after your appointment or even prepare a sales offer right in front of your customer.


All the documents can be easily adapted to your customer’s needs for ever more advanced customization, which allows you to optimize sales. No more dull, copy-and-paste presentations! Digitalizing your presentations gives you the ability to make major changes to respond to your customer’s actual needs in just a few minutes. The tablet is not just a display device: it’s a working tool, a deal accelerator and a more effective way of working because to solve a problem, all you have to do is report the issue or omission on the presentation platform to the right person and the correction will be made as fast as possible. Now your sales book is connected, smart and in sync with the needs of the Sales Rep 2.0.


5. Enhance your image


Do you think of sales reps as always dragging along their rolling briefcase stuffed with a thousand documents, order forms and sales materials? Digitalizing your sales tools lets you travel light and work remotely under any circumstances, but it also links your image and your brand image with modernity, innovation and effectiveness. You know it better than anyone else: the first seconds are crucial and you have to make a good impression because your attitude will have a significant impact on your discussion. A tablet loaded with a Mobile Sales Enablement tool will be your greatest ally in boosting your effectiveness.


Digitalizing your sales tools does not mean emailing them or storing them somewhere on your intranet or via a Sharepoint interface. On the contrary, it’s a new approach and a new philosophy that will enhance your brand positioning to make you more effective, more productive and more modern. It is a best practice whose advantage is how quickly it can be implemented with a simple tablet.


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