How can personalizing your presentations help you sell more?

How can personalizing your presentations help you sell more?

A good salesperson does not sell. This adage, though somewhat simplistic, alludes to the intelligence and adaptability that are required of a successful salesperson. Each salesperson has their own techniques and their approach may differ from that of their colleagues. They know which selling points will appeal to which customer. It is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all sales script or working method or strategy for winning over your prospect. Selling is not an exact science. It takes patience. You have to get to know your customer, adapt to their situation and be able to forge a relationship grounded in mutual trust.


In other words, you must personalize your approach. And you need the same personalization for your presentations.


According to a study, 57% of customers feel that sales reps are not properly prepared for their first appointment. And yet we know that the crucial first minutes can make all the difference, which is all the more reason to personalize your presentations to avoid having a negative impact on the customer relationship.


Too much work ? Lack of time ? Ill-suited tools ? These arguments are valid – particularly if you do not have a good tool. But with the right tool, at any time it will only take a few minutes to work wonders with your presentations to be even better at selling.


Fine-tune your targeting and your message


A basic mistake is to use the same sales pitch no matter who the customer is. You introduce the company, new developments, product lines or innovative features. In sum, parroting a marketing script – no matter how carefully crafted it is – amounts to serving a flavorless dish! All the ingredients are there, but there is no spice or pleasing plating to whet the appetite of your guests.


The same principle applies in sales.


When you adapt your presentation, you will be able to deliver targeted messages and speak specifically to the person in front of you based on their actual needs. You can grab their attention from the outset, sustain their interest and go even further. A Mobile Sales Enablement tool is scalable and participatory. This targeted data makes it easy to cross-sell and add components to your presentation during the meeting. This means you can cover the whole spectrum, from basic needs to optional products or services with high value added.


Build trust


Many sales pitches follow the same pattern: start general, then get specific. What if your listener wants something else? What if they aren’t interested in the corporate presentation, or at least not right away? What if you begin your presentation by describing their main problem and then introduce your well-chosen solution ?


Some customers are in a hurry, while others like to talk with you. Some will want a copy of your presentation while others will only trust notes scribbled in a notebook. Customizing your presentation is part of building a long-term relationship of trust. This also entails respecting the customer’s expectations and adapting your tools to what they need in both style and substance. To do this, your opening gambit should be carefully thought out. The five-second rule suggests that is all the time you have, not just to make a good impression, but above all to get their attention and encourage your audience to stick with you. Staying on schedule and adjusting your appointment to the customer’s needs are crucial to the success of your presentation.


To sell better


By adapting your selling points with a good, customized visual aid, you can deliver a unique pitch and take a personalized approach. Not all customers are alike. That means not all presentations should be alike either.


Personalizing your presentation also enables you to incorporate visuals or other content related to your history with the customer, such as a specific line purchased, an item ordered or a product that worked well. This all positions you as an expert in the customer-seller human relationship. By customizing your presentation, you demonstrate your knowledge and your expertise, create complicity and inject energy. Ultimately, the barriers crumble and you can sell better.


Finally, selling better also comes through simplifying cross-selling. By showcasing complementary or optional offers or extending the line of a product or service, you can spark interest and come across as a good professional who listens to their customer and a good salesperson who seizes the opportunities that present themselves.


Customizing your presentations is a winning approach that goes well beyond simply establishing a better relationship with the customer. It is also a way to sell more through cross-selling, to sell smartly with integrated Mobile Sales Enablement tools and to work more efficiently with easy-to-use tools that facilitate communication with your customer. In the end, you optimize your time and your energy so you can focus on what matters. Your competitors are not going to like it !


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