10 great reasons to switch to Mobile Sales Enablement

10 great reasons to switch to Mobile Sales Enablement

The growth of any economic activity depends primarily on the ability of a sales force to convert the company’s sales policy into results. To meet that goal, they must have tools that enable them to optimize and improve working methods. The technological breakthrough brought about by tablets has enabled the emergence of new applications that target sales performance and the optimization of all the factors that lead to a deal: these are Mobile Sales Enablement applications.


This concept developed in the United States consists of using digital tools on tablets to optimize all the factors that go into finalizing a sale. More and more sales organizations are making this digital shift within their sales teams as a high-potential avenue for growth. To understand some of the “key growth factors” behind Mobile Sales Enablement, we are reviewing 10 good reasons to adopt this technique definitively.


1. Aligned sales and marketing teams


One of the first improvements to result from Mobile Sales Enablement is the alignment of the sales and marketing teams. The tools and content produced by the marketing team are made available to sales reps automatically and in real time (provided the tablet is connected). Thus each sales rep can leverage the full power of the selling tools and use them to help their customers. Conversely, the sales reps in the field can also instantly report information back to the marketing team. This brief, bidirectional communication between the two teams strengthens cohesion and teamwork. This new win-win relationship makes their efforts part of a virtuous circle.


2. A new sales experience


One of the powerful tenets of tablet-driven Mobile Sales Enablement is the profound change in your relationship with your customers. The interface you share gets the customer involved in the sales process. You persuade them to participate and give them a simple, unified and more polished experience. This means the tablet is the core component because it makes the connection between the buyer and the seller. The sales rep has nothing to hide: everything is transparent and the customer is invited to enter the brand’s sphere of influence by using a simple, intuitive application. This new interaction promoting customer participation leads to greater belief in the advantages of your product or services.


3. Your sales tools are always available and up to date


No matter how prepared and experienced you are, there is always a bit of unpredictability in a customer pitch. Still, one of the most embarrassing situations is when the sales rep attempts to answer a question by searching desperately for THE document, only to unearth “last year’s version”, which may or may not still be valid. A Mobile Sales Enablement application ensures that you always have all the information posted as of the last time you connected to your network. The instant search and favorite features save you from tedious document triage. Finally, your marketing staff can create logical links between documents to facilitate cross-selling. This newfound confidence in your tool will be perceived directly by your customer, who will have a much better image of your brand.


4. Training that works with your availability and needs


It can be difficult to schedule three days of training for your whole sales team, especially if you are not sure how the supposed benefits will be implemented. A training function can be integrated directly into your Mobile Sales Enablement application so that each sales rep has ongoing access to it. This feature allows them to learn and validate their knowledge at their own pace based on their schedule. Easy quizzes can be created to confirm learning and, where applicable, to review the training materials again. Notifications and internal contests can create excitement around training programs, motivate the whole team to succeed and initiate a continuous improvement cycle for your human resources.


5. A 100% available application, on-and offline


Because it is not always possible to get a good Internet connection when using public transportation or calling on a customer, sales reps can always count on their Mobile Sales Enablement application. It is available even without an Internet connection, with the same wealth of content. The information reporting and presentation sharing features also work perfectly and will perform their operations as soon as the network comes online.


6. Presentations that are easy to create and share


Whether before an appointment or during a meeting, conference or seminar with your customer, it is ultra-easy to create personalized presentations in just a few clicks with the information that is truly valuable to your interlocutor. The interface’s simple, user-friendly navigation lets you identify the right materials for your customer. You won’t waste time looking for or building your tools. You can be sure you are working on the right documents, which are always up to date, and your presentations are created instantly: add pages, reorder your slides, insert information, edit your content, sign your documents, etc.


In addition, sharing documents is simple because the send function can be accessed from any tool and it works even without an Internet connection.


7. Data reporting from the field


Your sales force on the ground encounters a high volume of key information: strategic information about customers, competitor intelligence, actual implementation of a service or product, field observations, etc. A large portion of this information is not leveraged; at best, it is reported, but to the wrong person. A Mobile Sales Enablement application lets you organize and simplify this approach. Senders categorize the information they are reporting so that it is channeled directly to the right recipients. Because the information is taken into account more intelligently, it becomes part of a win-win cycle that helps align your teams.


8. Enhanced communication


With Mobile Sales Enablement, communication has never been easier. Whether it’s with a customer, colleagues in marketing, other sales reps or your post-sales service department, everything can be accessed from the tablet in three clicks. You can immediately send the sales proposal as soon as an appointment ends or even directly on the customer’s premises. It is easy to share a product sheet or presentation during discussions with the client.


The news function aggregates all the latest information about your organization or business sector with targeted notifications that bring your application to life: highlight sales data, release new training modules or quizzes, announce sales challenges, publicize new product lines, etc. Your communications are more effective and easier to share and disseminate. Both internal and external communication will have a significant impact on your sales.


9. Interconnection with your existing tools


Your Mobile Sales Enablement application gives you the ability to connect your data with your project monitoring, budget tracking and CRM tools. All customer call reports are automatically shared and loaded into your IT infrastructure to ensure all information is captured and to prevent the sharing of incomplete data.


10. The strongest link in your sales efficiency


Mobile Sales Enablement goes well beyond one-off improvements to your sales functions: it is a vitamin-packed cocktail that energizes and boosts your team! Enhanced brand perception during customer calls, optimized work time for sales reps, alignment of sales and marketing teams and ultra-precise monitoring of usage statistics are just some of the improvements packed into a single, easy-to-use tool that will really drive your growth.


Because tablets have dramatically transformed the nature of selling, the emergence and subsequent development of Mobile Sales Enablement are changing how sales representatives work. A dedicated application will bolster your sales and marketing teams in their daily tasks and parlay a sales technique into concrete results.


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